Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Add style, comfort and value!

 Get a fresh new look with automotive window tinting for your car, truck, SUV or van. Cut the glare and reduce eye strain from the sun and oncoming traffic at night. Keep the sun from fading of your vehicles interior and protect your skin by adding window tinting to all of your vehicle windows. Best of all glass tinting keeps you cool from the blistering sun’s heat. We offer a good, better and best window film option for your budget!

What are you looking for?

Which benefit of auto tinting is your most important? Heat? Well that’s easy, all films reject some heat from the sun. For the legal automotive window tinting shade in North Carolina it varies from approximately 37% up to 68%. How about UV or fading? Even better than just heat rejection, all films reduce the effects of Ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays from the sun damage your skin, vehicle and valuables but with window film you can add a layer of protection between you and the sun. How about glare? The eye-straining brightness from the sun and headlights can cause fatigue and be a distraction while driving. Improve your view inside and out and change the look of your ride with style, comfort and value!

Which window film is for me?

It all comes down to price. How much do you want to spend or what can you afford? For the budget minded person the “Good” option, 3M FX Premium Automotive Film, is an affordable choice with a limited lifetime warranty. The “Better” option, 3M Color Stable Automotive Film is middle of the road in price with a more extensive limited lifetime warranty. And for the “Best” option, 3M Crystalline Automotive Film is the top of the line for heat rejection even at it lightest shade with a limited lifetime warranty.